Monday, July 17, 2006

Blog's birthday today

One year ago, on July 17th, I put up two posts in one day about felting a just finished flamingo. Himself was traipsing through Europe and I was hoping this was a way I could share what I was proud of having done with him, once he found a place to log in. I needed someone to do the finished object dance with.

Having the rest of you reading too is a bonus and a bit of an ego-boost.

In real blog news, the third Baby Surprize Commuter Jacket is knit-finished, though not (join on the chorus) sewn together, ends-sewn-in, nor had its buttons put on. For the fourth iteration, and until it's gone, I'm going to stick with the using the orange-red every other day motif, since the goal of the exercise is the use up the yarn and I don't see it going into other colorways unless I make it dominant.

Since it's what I had on hand over the weekend, the 4th iteration is starting red and then used the gray-brown that you can see in Friday's stripe at the bottom of the sweater.

Time to do the daily spit-splice.

Happy Anniversary Patience! I haven't been reading long (OK, I've only been knitting since the beginning of May!), but I love the very different things that you do! Keep 'em coming!

Amy O'
Happy Blogiversary!

And I loke that orange-red. Babies have enough pastel stuff, they need COLOR!

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