Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Days of the long rows

The Butterfly Shawl is about 2/3rds of the way through the last of the 18 repeats of the butterflies. As long rows go, 12 minutes per is not bad, though they can turn into a quaqmire when you reach the mid-point and you're off on the multiple. After this, I have 24 rows of Blossom Lace Border. Then comes the Picot Edging. My working copy, as it turns out, didn't have the picot edging, but fortunately the safe original was in the place where it should be.

I might be done by the end of July.

The 4th Baby Surprize Commuter Jacket is also in the long, slow portion of rows decreasing down to 90 stitches, some 40 odd rows.

The next new moon is on the 25th, which is a week away. I don't know if I'm going to start anything this time. I know I have the Cascade 220 black tweed to do a cardigan I was wishing I had in my wardrobe last winter, but it's hard to imagine being cold and dry right now. I've been thinking of playing with lightweight sweaters, but need to put forth the effort to find small gauge sweaters I want to make. I'm talking 7 - 9 stitches to the inch. I don't mind working on zeros and ones.

Know any?

"Small gauge sweaters I want to make...."

I got one fer you.


If you make it first, you can figure out the weird 15th-row lace issue ;)
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