Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Don't know where I've been

I've been around and doing things, but I didn't think I was that busy. In any case, there's been progress on projects.

The Diamond Fantasy Shawl done with Lucy's Sock Yarn was finished over the weekend. I did a half-assed blocking job, those corners are curling down because they were hanging over the edge of the mattress acting as a blocking surface. But the lace stretched out at least and I'm not sure it would be really noticable in wear. We'll see.

The yarn worked very well, and I liked the pattern. Most of the shawls I've done have been changing tiers, so each row is different as the shawl grows. In this case, you get through the initial section and then repeat the same rows 36 - 55 10 times. They get quicker as you learn them, but longer as the shawl grows.

I've now moved back to the Butterfly shawl from FiberTrends. As Himself put it, having run into the recipient's husband over the 4th weekend, she'll be through the cancer treatment before I get it finished at this rate. Okay, I'm up to 15 butterflies across the quarter panel, where I need to get to 18 butterflies, before doing the edging.

As a change of pace I've been doing the Pick-Up-Sticks daffodil pattern. My intent is to make a bouquet. It starts with I-cord for the stem, and back-and-forth knitting for the outer petals. So, with 5 size 10 1/2s in the package, I did 4 stems in a row (tennis watching), and then started the outer petals of the first. From this point, I need to 1. sew in the ends so far (2 each on 6 petals, plus both ends of the stem), 2. change to the other yellow, do an I-cord stamen and then 3. using 4 needles and working circularly do the center.

I'll be doing more outer petals on the other stems for awhile to free up those needles....... There's a massive ends sewing evening in my near future, isn't there?

Sewing. Sounds like a long evening.
The shawl is beautiful. I can't see any problems with your edging.
Was that one skein only? Humm, I might be able to use Lucy's yarn for something besides socks! And maybe scratch the lace itch I feel coming on at the same time. And use up stash yarn! Score!
Wow! I look at the shawl and immediately realize how much effort and attention it must have taken. Impressive work, and impressive results.
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