Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'll need a decision soon

Monday I get to start the process of getting my insurer to purchase a new insulin pump for me, as my current one goes out of 4-year warranty. That should go through with no prolem. The trick is, there's new technology approved by the FDA, a real-time glucose monitor, which is so new there's no CPT code assigned to it yet.

The manufacturer is offering this as a "patient responsibility" item -- you pay them, and then wrangle yourself with your insurer. I'm trying to figure out how to ask the insurer to cover this. I think I've got the people I need on board with the idea, and I'm just waiting for the letter from the endo that this would be a real boon in intensive theraphy for little old labile me.

Then will come the phone call and the magic question, "what color do you want." I currently have blue and it's nice enough, but do I want something different? Purple could be jazzier, but, well, do I want purple for every outfit I wear for the next 4 years? Clear could be interesting, but it's a little too clear if you know what I mean. Do I want to be looking into the guts of electronics and stepper motors? Smoke is well, light black and I've got a thing against how many consumer products are black. Plus, is it visible enough that if I couldn't speak for myself, it would be noticed by first responders?

Blogger won't let me post a poll, so you guys tell me -- go to the color choices above and leave me a comment which one you would wear with everything for 4 years.

I've got one word for those colors-boooooooring! Why don't you get the clear one and we'll find a way to paint it red! If not, I like the purple.
If you've got to be wearing something for the next four years, it should go with the majority of your clothes.
Purple would be great, but how many clothes do you have in reds, pinks, whites, blacks, grays and blues
If you have a lot of greens, oranges and yellows, you might want to stick to clear or blue.
My suggestion is the clear. And the you or we could make different colored holders for it.
Think of the possibilities! Match your work outfit then change colors for the evening outing. They could be plain or fancy, felted, lace, textured.
I'm with Kimberly: Knit pump cozies!

That said when I was about ten I always wanted one of those clear phones with the visible guts, and I find it draws me still. I bet the geeks at Apple are working on a clear iPod right now. If they aren't, they should be.
i was going to vote for red as well, but if they don't have that, i say go with purple. your wardrobe will support it, i think, and if need be, we can make "formal" or "neutral" cozies. this could be fun. or get whatever color, then knit a cozy with the star of life or the caduceus, to make sure ems would see it.
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