Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Retry on Tuesday's post

Okay, so far in our story, the box has shown up. They pack a lot of stuff in that package, and this isn't even showing the 3 months worth of infusion sets and reservoirs. There are CDs to watch, books to read, software to load.

Oh yeah, the new pump itself. Minimed will be sending out a CDE for a training session once I can get that scheduled. When he called to introduce himself, we agreed that as an experienced user, I could probably initialize this one and just use the features I'm already familiar with, and ignore the programming features that have come along in the last 4 years.

So I installed the ParadigmPal software (new to me), entered in all the settings from the 511, "transferred" the settings to the 522, and discovered I'd done something that wiped the information out of both the ParadigmPal and the 522. No great loss, I've only got 4 basal rates and, hey, I'd just reviewed them putting them into the software, and the 511 is still there. So I got to do the old fashioned manual entry on the new one.

Then at breakfast I discover they've changed the programming sequence for the dual wave bolus. Maybe I should have read more of the book. It makes a certain sense, but when you've been doing rote habit for how long, the change in how you push the buttons is a tad surprizing. One of those situations when you have to say to yourself, "If I just give it what it's asking for, I should trust it to do what I want, right?"

I'm not touching that Bolus Wizard without guidance, though. I may not kill myself with it, but there is the potential to cause myself trauma if it's done wrong. I'm not so eager that I want to be stupid about it.

Real-time glucose monitor is due in 2-4 weeks. I'm thinking of taking the last week of August as vacation and initializing that then, if it has arrived. My road of life will finally have guardrails. I'll still be going off the road, but at least there will be some indication I've sailed off the path.

I'll save the discussion of Elizabeth Zimmermann's pattern writing style for some other time. For now, I need to plan personal logistics for Friday's company picnic down in Newport, and then the weekend at the Lowell Folk Festival. There should be a lot of progress on the Baby Surprize Jacket. I'm a tad worried. I've done the 10 stitch increase in the middle when you hit 114 stitches. I counted a few rows later and the number, that should be 124 stitches plus however many multiples of 4, ended in 3. Then again, I was counting on the bus, so that process could easily have gone wrong somewhere. My counting stills are only slightly above 1, 2, 3, many, and they degrade in non-quiet situations.

The butterfly shawl is moving along, faster than last week when I was having trouble staying awake working a single row. I'm at row 19 of 24 of the edging, then I get to figure out the "picot edging." I know I've done this pattern before, but I'm not recalling these instructions.

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