Wednesday, July 19, 2006

They're gaining on me

A couple weeks back I started a hedgehog (in blue no less), and put it down when I got stuck by the leg instructions and needed to make more progress with the Diamond Fantasy. No, there's no picture yet, because I put the blessed object somewhere and don't remember just where.

So today I realize it's about time to go visit FiberTrends' page for the first time in a few months and......

They don't have thumbnails of their individual patterns. Head for the third one down on the what's new page, #FT-229.

I can't keep up.

That bag is awesome! Do you needle felt the sheep onto it?
No,you need to go back and note squirrels on left. Squirrels comma damnitt.
How about 225x? Arf!
OMG... I need to make a fleet of the squirrels for my husband's business!! SquirrelCart is the product he and his partner created. :) And BTW, my DFS is blocked. It came out to 27-inches deep and 75-inches wide with 6 repeats. Go figure!
How cute!
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