Thursday, July 13, 2006

This could be neat

It was raining so hard last night when I came home, I stayed home from the regular Wednesday night group. I have comments for Kimberly, though, on something she'd given me to look over for her, so hopefully I'll run into her soon.

I did a bit of tidying in the space and tonight I'll ask Himself to finally put away the box of teaching that's been out since the first weekend in June.

This morning I tried Library Thing, which is a website that allows you to list your library on-line and compare it to other people's. I started entering the knitting books, got into the middle of the C's. I'm having to enter mine manually, since I can't figure out how to give it the spreadsheet easily. You give it a title and it will search either: Amazon, Library of Congress, or you can name another source. Sad thing is Amazon is coming up with the book more often than the Library of Congress does, though that's on the more recent books.

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