Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Butterfly shawl pictures

I started blocking this on a spare bed at Himself's house a couple weekends back, but it wasn't dry before he left on his roadtrip so it had to wait until this weekend to get picked up. I'm always amazed at how big they get, especially when the yarn is wet and stretchy.

It's a gift for the wife of a friend of Himself, who got a cancer diagnosis earlier this year. When we last saw her in June, she was just getting ready to start chemo and they were coming to grips with the changes to daily habits they were facing -- what she'll need to be protected from, and how they need to protect their cats who like to drink out of the porcelain fixtures.

The pattern is the Butterfly Shawl from Fibertrends, with the modification of being worked as 2 quarters of a square (i.e., triangle) as opposed to the original square. Doing a square shape from the inside out would require purling every other round to produce the garter lace that the butterflies are based in. Working the half shape made for knit rows back. The pattern is easy to follow, so it would make a good one for someone looking to explore lace without a lot of complications. The butterflies are formed on 3 successive right side rows and line up in between each other on successive repetitions, so it would be good training for looking at what they're doing and seeing if it looks right.

I used two strands of Jaggerspun Zephyr held together -- one daffodil, one ice blue, in the form of one pound cones from Webs. I liked the effect. You see simultaneously yellow and blue and the overall impression is a light green. Very nice effect and I'll think about other color combos for future projects.

Very gorgeous work, as always. :)
that's BEAUTIFUL! i love the up close heathering and the far away green effect. i must be more brave with colors, and learn better how they work! tres impressive.
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