Sunday, August 06, 2006

Consulting the internet for insightful suggestions

I was having cognitive problems with the Fibertrends Hedgehog pattern yesterday morning. Consulting Google for the term errata hedgehog in hopes the problem really wasn't mine brought up a number of discussion groups, some of which had links leading to blogs with pictures of hedgehogs in progress.

And I realized that when it says to pick up 12 stitches along the long edge of the arm/leg on each limb, I was stuck thinking the circle in pink, while the rest of the world was moving right along picking up along the edge outlined in blue.

After that things went much faster. So much so that I finished the knitting of one and moved into a second, only partially motivated by needing an illustrative example of where I went wrong. The color of the yarn of the new one is wrong in the bright sunshine. It's a darker brown/gray, less yellow. This hedgehog still won't be one found in nature -- its back fur will be Idena's Happy Multi in color 102 (a red/blue/purple fun fur).

On the right is a profile view, with the creature posed on a wide-mouth liter Nalgene bottle. I can spot the face/snout. I'm not sure about the lumpy bits between the arms -- are these expressions of femininity, or just bits of ease that when felted will allow for a more rounded tummy?

The pattern is pretty straightforward and, once I got over my confusion on the edge issue, moved pretty smoothly. The back has long rows of wraps and turns in succession, but that's what's makes the rounded back. Just be sure to know where you left off if you need to put it down.

I'm going to hold off on felting for awhile. It seems sinful to do so in the heat with all the energy shortages threatened. Maybe sometime closer to Labor Day I'll have several projects (these and flowers) to do in one load in the dryer, so it won't be so wasteful.

The store was somewhat busy yesterday, more than I would have thought for August. It seems that pregnancies are being announced and folks are getting supplies ready for projects.

Sorry for pointing out the bumps-- I shouldn't've said anything!

(Though I guess if the bumps don't round out and you hear about any more pregnancies, the hedgehog could become a sort of comical pregnancy gift.)
Very cute.

It looks like a mommy hedgehog. You could figure out how to shrink the pattern a little and make a tiny baby hedgehog for her to nurse. :)
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