Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Every so often, move the marker

I wouldn't have thought I made much progress over the weekend, until I realized I had moved the marker (see yellow circle) up to the current middle stitch when I picked this up again on Friday night, and here's how much was accomplished until Sunday.

It's the Shapely Shawlette, experimenting with Lucy's new superwash merino handdyed yarn. I'd link to the Etsy store, but she's been cleared out while she's been on retreat and really needs to get back to the dye-pot. Let's hope the weather cools enough for her to be able to stand a steamy kitchen soon.

The 6th iteration of the Baby Surprize Jacket Commuter project made some progress, but only because I had a meeting last night. It's somewhere in the part of 22 decreases to hit 90 stitches.
The commuting fairies have had it in for me this summer. And now, the PA announcements in the stations say that their number one priority is safety, so clearly moving people from station to station and having trains actually move through the tunnels on a foreseeable schedule isn't a priority anymore.

On the other hand, here's how much of the orange red is left -- about half of what I started with. My thought had been to do the orange-red sweaters until it was all gone, but I may break that streak and do another of the random cooler color sweaters just to break it up. It will be awhile before these head off to Afghans for Afghans, since A4A is currently in a drive for school-age children's woolen garments. Or I may find somewhere else looking for wool baby garments.

Wednesday will be iffy for getting to knitting group. Forecast says there's potential that several work projects will run long that night. If it doesn't, I'm bringing the previous 4 BSJCPs for sewing seams and buttons, along with the daffodils that need their ends sewn in.

Could it be that your commuter fairies have a pact with my knittinh deities? I very afaid to even cast on for a new pair of socks.
On a positive note, (fingers crossed) the Clapotis is in the 3rd section with 6 stitches dropped.
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