Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Getting to know the Gov'ner

Not much knitting over the past few days. The sixth iteration of the Baby Surprise Jacket Commuter project was finished and the seventh has been started.

Yesterday I met with the trainer for Minimed at my endo's practice so one of her nurses could sit in on the training, and get to Gov'ner initiated. A friend sent me this really good article from the NY Times about the reporter's experience wearing one. It's definitely first generation, but then again, look at how far fingerstick testing has come since it was first introduced, and what a leap forward for management it has been over urine testing.

Once we got done with that, Himself and I spent the surprisingly not rainy afternoon wandering around the east regions of Boston hunting cows for about 2 1/2 hours, while trying to figure out what the Gov'ner was reading at that point (highly variable with the fingersticks doesn't begin to sum it up).

Surprisingly enough, the idea that I was a thing under study was enough to keep me from buying at Mike's Pastries when we were in the North End. Knowing that I was running slightly high then, and it was all being recorded, was a stopping point. Other times I would have had a pastry and done my best to not have it show at the next test point.

Last night we had the Boston Knit-Out Organizational meeting at Borders. We need volunteers and items for the fashion show! Really! Don't be shy!

And then the commuting fairies really let us down on the ride home. On the other hand, it looks like Lucy, Anna and Courtney (on the other side of the door from me) recruited a knitter/crocheter for the day in the time waiting for the very crowded train to move.

If I get a move-on tonight, there will be felting tomorrow.

Amazing how far science has come along.
I did a 3-day with the CBGM last year. Really a helpful tool; especially to see what is happening while you are sleeping. Of course they were impressed with my accurate control. . . as if I was going to binge on cookies when I knew they were monitoring me!
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