Friday, August 18, 2006

How I spent my tax-free weekend.

And no, that is not Franklin's Dolores on top of the basket, it's Maizey who followed me home from Newport last year.

PCs for Everyone has been recommended by several friends over the years and when I was ready to order, I went there. It's an HP business model, fairly basic, but I'm not doing anything fancy.

We started loading things last night, but now I need to find media for my other things since I'm (once again) headed to Lexington for the weekend, away from my space where everything is located.

Time to pack.

You got the laptop! You never said. Cool! Can you bring it for show and tell sometime?
I LOVE Dolores! Whenever I am in a situation that requires guts to speak up, I think to myself, "Now what would Dolores do?" Of course if it's a work I do the opposite of what her reaction would be... :)
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