Saturday, August 05, 2006

Minding the store today!

I'm out of long rows/small attention projects so it feels strange to have just quickly-moving, somewhat fussy things to work on, which makes the Baby Surprize commuter projects seem relatively mindless. The butterfly shawl was finished Tuesday night, but I need to find time and space to block it. Pictures once blocked.

With Lucy away, she's called on a bunch of us to take turns minding the store for her. It will be from 10 - 6, so, given that I'm in project ADD at the moment, I'm bringing several things to work on. I'm not sure how much traffic there will be on a Saturday in August, even if the weather is pleasanter than it has been.

From the top left we have the 5th iteration of the Baby Surprize commuter project -- having finished the 10 ridges on center 90, I'm in the process of getting it all back together into one long row. On the right we have several daffodils in progress. The fourth one needs 5 more petals done, then they all need to have their ends sewn in, and then the interior petals can be done. Or I could start more stems for future flowers rather than sew in ends. Bottom left is the hedgehog in progress. I need to stare at the instructions to make sure I'm interpreting them correctly. Then again, I'm the one who's always asking people if they are comfortable with the idea of ripping out if it turns out their decision was wrong.

We'll see what gets done. I'm also bringing a book -- Faithful by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan. I've never heard of O'Nan and I don't handle horror, so the only King I've read was his autobiographical essay in Mid-Life Confidential, which each of the authors in the Rock Bottom Remainders contributed to. It will be a departure for me, but then again, the familiar can be boring.

Yes the hedgehog is blue. I found a store in Florida that has had class after class making them in all kinds of colors, so when I asked them for the kit and they said what color, I told them to surprize me. Again with the departing from the staid and familiar.

I love the Fiber Trends hedgehogs! Actually, I like most of their animals, but only have the bunny pattern that my SP7 spoiler gifted me. Darn, you just reminded me that I need to finish sewing him up too (LOL). See you on Monday!
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