Thursday, August 17, 2006

Seams sewn, but not buttons on

Work has been long hours this week, especially last night, so I didn't get to the Wednesday night knitting group and welcome Lucy back. On the other hand, the Red Sox provided games over the last couple nights to sew shoulder seams of the buildup of unfinished BSJCP sweaters .

Stangely though, when you grab the remote and go flippity through the channels with one hand, your production rate slumps. This may explain why it took two evenings to accomplish what I did.

There were 4 of them piled up, mostly of the recent red/orange series. It's interesting to look at them collectively, noticing how some stripes are very wide, others quite narrow and then reflect on the vaguarities of "I do this every day" and how much variety unfolds. Clearly I don't do the same thing every day, but maybe it's just that similar things happen daily.

Something else I need to think about is what side to put the buttons on. Do Afghani refugees (or whichever other group gets these) care whether they are putting their infant in a Western-defined "boy" or "girl" sweater based on how the buttons do up?

Buttons will be put on soon enough. Himself has returned from his trip to his folks, and I will return his basil and rosemary to him tonight. I water way more than he does, and I think the basil has improved for it. It's looking much perkier than it does at his house.

Look at all those sweaters! They are really cool. I'm feeling the urge to knit a baby surprise.
I would put the buttons as if they were all girls. It is easier to button them that way. Just my two cents.
Missed you last night. It was just Doria and me.
I thankfully have not been hit with the Baby Surprise Bug yet, but I do seem to be coming down with Clapotis Syndrome. Wondering if my mom would like it. Oy.
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