Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This book made me laugh

Porter Square Books has a shipment of Stitchy McYarnpant's book, The Museum of Kitschy Stitches.
I've been on the lookout for it for awhile, ever since she announced it was shipping. My copy will be coming with me to Mind's Eye Wednesday night group, along with more knitting videos for Guido if I remember them. Yes, there will be passing around, but if you like it you can get your own across the parking lot -- they had several.

I meant to be using the last of the full moon to make progress on something in the pile, but this was better.

Soon it will be time to think about what to knit on vacation next week. The Gov'ner (real time glucose monitor) gets started at 9 a.m. on Monday at the Kenmore practice and I'm taking a week off work to have time to learn what's really going on with this metabolism and what will make the Gov'ner go bing at me. Other than that, Himself has plans of repainting 3 porches/deck/steps of varying sizes leading to his house which I'll be helping with. We're thinking about taking in a minor league baseball game or two (wonder if the Lowell Spinners would be up for Stitch n Pitch next year, since Fenway has no need of promotions to fill seats?). Stuff. What projects am I up for?

Danielle's comment (angsting) about her doubts of her project remind me of a conversation I had with my co-worker Vicki earlier. Vicki has been a crocheter for years and recently took up knitting when her mother in California was having such fun with it at her Senior Center. Vicki, too, was angsting over her just-finished sweater and could she bring herself to try it on and see if it fit. She was relieved when I told her she was not alone in that feeling. It's an act of courage to see if it did come out as planned and be willing to face the consequences if you don't like it.

Children you can't send back, knitting you can usually rework and redo, felting..... there are animal shelters that can use cage cozies. But when it comes to our knitting, how many people are really ready to face that it might not come out right the first, second or third time(s)? It's one way of separating the scarf dweebs from the real workers.

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