Wednesday, September 13, 2006

7th Iteration of the Baby Surprise nears the end

Here's the 7th iteration of the Baby Surprise Jacket Commuter project, in a really bad twilight-hour photo, just after the buttonholes. Told you it was near the end. The big patches were worked on during the last week in August when I was on vacation. Last week I did a lot of reading on the T, because seats tended to be in short supply. Things are slightly better this week, seat-karma-wise, so the commuting fairies may be realizing that cold weather is coming and charity knitting will be needed.

The other thing nearing the end is the supply of the red-orange yarn that doesn't go with much else (except the grays and browns) in the quantity of J&S jumperweight I'm trying to use up. At this rate, I figure it's probably about 3 more sweater's worths left in these two skeins, and then I'll be able to get back to the beloved pinks/blues/purples. That will make for much more interesting sweaters. By now I feel like I keep making the same sweater over and over (well, I am repeating the same instructions) because the only colors that go together are all dull (except for the red-orange) and kinda boring.

The 7th sweater has just had its buttonhole row, then comes 6 rows (to make 3 ridges) and then casting off in purl. Not sure how many more commutes that will take, but I'd best be prepared to start the eighth in the next few rides.

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