Monday, September 11, 2006

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As of last weekend, I had only enough stuffing for one and 7/8ths hedgehogs, so last night I picked up the new bag of stuffing and finished these guys off. The one in blue is made with 100 grams of Plymouth Galway and 50 grams of an eyelash I've lost the label for. The brown/red one is 100 grams of Cascade 220 and 50 grams of Happy. The remains of each skein is in front of its respective hedgehog.

Faces are a non-toxic fabric paint, just sort of globbed on as the last step of the project. Some excess fuzziness may need to be trimmed off.

I'm happier with how the Cascade 220 version turned out, versus the blue where you can still make out stitches. This was a relatively simple pattern to follow (FiberTrends #228), provided you can handle repeated short-rowing, and knits up quite quickly. I can see myself making up a bunch more of these before the Granite State Knit-In next June, when the NH guilds collect for Precious Pals. I suspect that eyelash is going to be selling for a song, soon, if not given away (wink). The pattern calls for worsted weight felting wool and eyelash for the fuzzy back in the quantities listed above, perfect for using up leftovers, particularly if you want hedgehogs of colors not seen in nature.

Fun to do. Use up the eyelash!

So cute! They have that classic teddy bear open-armed "hug me" design. Some little kids are going to be very happy.
Those are so cute.
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