Monday, September 25, 2006

Boston Knit-Out 2006 - Brought to you by

I was going to take a whole lot of pictures of folks involved, but I keep forgetting that after 8 when folks start showing up I get involved, too and don't get my camera out.

One person I did get a picture of was Lucy on her front steps at 5:20 (a.m.) with her tiara and Sheep on a Plane T-shirt. She and shop loyalists loaded the truck the night before, so we were ready to roll off to the Common.

We met the folks from Petersons Party Center on the Common and sat back to watch them put up the tents. Yes, it was a little dark at first (6:10). Trust me there are tent parts and workers in this picture.

See, by 8:15 the light is better, the tent is up and the volunteers showed up looking for things to do very soon after.

Then things got busy and I pretty much forgot to take pictures.

Another person who was there early was the Friendly Federal Employee, though later in the day he apparently didn't want his picture taken. He and his colleagues seemed to enjoy the day, not that we have much trouble they need to take care of.

I was charged with minding the Mind's Eye booth in the Exhibitor tent for Lucy, so Lucy could run the whole show. This year the display was kept simple, and we had a whole crew of folks (that, ahem, I forgot to docment) with our shameless promotion shirts and a bunch of enthusiasm. It was a blast, as usual.

The Boston Knit-Out is brought to you by a dedicated team of volunteers, both those who work just on the day and those who gather for the 6 months ahead to do the organizing. If you'd like to participate in the organizing, you don't necessarily have to come to all the meetings, just keep us informed that things are being done. We can use volunteers to make phone calls and emails in July and August following up on the letters sent out to shops earlier to see if they want a booth or take advertising in the program. Many other things, too, that I'm too tired to ennumerate.

Just happy memories with a lot of good friends.

I'm sorry I didn't get over yesterday. By the time Rosh HaShanah services were over and we had had lunch it was past 2. At that point the weather forecast sounded as though it was going to pour in another half an hour, so I wimped out. I'm glad the weather did hold out for you guys.
Patience, it was great to meet you yesterday and help collate and hand out to the multitudes! Hope to see you again!

Amy O'
Happy to hear that the Knit Out was a success. I wish I could have attended.
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