Monday, September 18, 2006

Going Eep! Versus Doing Good in the World

We just had our ultimate organizational meeting before Sunday's big event. At this point, it will happen, rain or shine. Whether anyone shows up or not. Whether we have sufficient electrical ties and can round up a few more clipboards. There are still plenty of T-shirts available. We can but hope that we will not have many leftovers.

|:Fuss, worry, fuss, worry, fret, fret, fret. :| Compulse.

On the other hand, a very worthy cause has just announced that it will continue into next year. It's been one of those things that I tend to hear about the Dulaan project just after the deadline to participate has passed. I wonder if they could use several iterations of the Baby Surprise Jacket Commuter Project?

And on the third hand, news on the family front is that I get my actual birthday to myself this year. I do have to share the celebration the next day, per usual, but given that this one ends in 0, I'm happy to be unencumbered on the day, except for what Himself has already planned. He makes much nicer fun than Mom does.

Patience, please e-mail me - I'll be joining you at Lucy's table on Sunday... stampcat at gmail dot com.

Amy O'
I hope your event goes well and you have a very happy Birthday.
Hey there! Does this mean we can bring some goodies for you on Sunday? ;)
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