Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I meant to have a post

Friday I meant to have a post. I was going to be cute and imformative and put up the .pdf of the output of the Gov'ner (Real Time Glucose Monitor) to show what goes on in my metabolism over the hours, even if last week was laughably stable (solved that yesterday going back to work).

Turns out Blogger won't post .pdfs. Himself has cheap web hosting, I should get me some. The budget will stand a couple dollars a month, his is only $2.95. I know next to nothing about webhosting except it exists and costs varying amounts of money for varying products I can't tell the difference between.

Getting my own domain was easy. Then his hosting service won't let me sign up with them because they think that pobox is a free email service (hell, no , it's not, but I think their spam filtering is worth paying for, and their reliability of delivery is far better than any of the free services I've used.). So we started trying to find me a hosting service at low cost that I won't know how to use once I get it, other than that it will let me put things up that I can then link to from my blog that my blog won't otherwise allow me to post.

We're still looking. And my post is stuck in my head.

I could talk about making 3 more calla lillies over the weekend. I managed to figure out where I left off in Himself's Wonderous Woven Cables sweater in the light-sucking dark blue from Mountain Mohair, and get going again.

I ruminated on how I've been giving myself a knitting bye by just making lots of simple things, rather than work on patterns with patterns where gauge matters (not just shawls) and there's a fair bit of sludging through rows without pretty lace showing up to keep you motivated.

And I finally realized I should have set the high glucose alarm snooze for every two hours rather than every hour if I was going to get any sleep. The RTGM graphs are no longer laughably within the "good management" limits.

Anyone want to recommend a realiable, inexpensive, web hosting service for a relatively low-trafffic site?

Do you have Microsoft Word on your computer? If you do, you can use that to make linkable webpages.
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