Sunday, September 17, 2006

In which we discuss the need for having knitting with one

For those following along on the BG meter, this week's graph can be seen here. In looking at this week's results, there will be a therapy shift to try to bring down the post-breakfast rise, which will, hopefully, make lunch a much more reasonable number, without needing such a high correction. There's a question whether my evening basal rates are (in)correct, or do I really do that badly at figuring out dosing to cover supper?

Friday's commute was fairly productive. Here's the seventh iteration of the baby surprise jacket commuter project. You can see the large blocks from vacation week. I think the dark brown is from the trip to the PawSox game, which would make the long red block from the day we went to Davis' Corn Maze. What I'm surprised at is how the gauge seem to relax once I got back on the subway. I'm not sure if that's things getting stretched out in the briefcase, or just what.
As usual, actual sewing up of seams and ends and putting on of buttons will wait for a batch to be ready sometime later.

In the meantime, the 8th iteration was cast on starting at Park Street Station, and here's how much I was able to get done by the time the bus got to Arlington Heights. Not bad for progress.

Turns out I didn't pack Saturday's color after all, even though I thought I had. So there was no contrast yarn yesterday for our day-trip to Portsmouth. The Telluride by the Sea film fest is in town this weekend and Mark's friend had invited us up. We choose to see Ten Canoes showing at 2 in the afternoon. Since the tickets are general admission, the Music Hall keeps the folks who paid more money happy by having 3 classes of line outside the doors, taking up the side street they are on: Patrons, Weekend Passholders, and Individual Ticket holders, on the theory that they let the Patrons in first (several dozen people at the shown we were at) about 25 minutes ahead of showtime so they get first pick at seats, the Weekend Passholders next, whose line took 5 minutes and 20 seconds to file past us and the Individual Ticket holders last to get seats where they can.

Being the knitter that I am, I had thought about this a bit in advance. The sleeves of Himself's sweater are definitely long-time, sit-still, car knitting. They need the time and the per-row checklist, and they aren't small-space portable. I had thought about bringing the Baby Surprise, even though I wouldn't be able to work on it during the movie, but not having the contrasting color put the kabash on that. We got in line at 1:10 for the 2 p.m. show, and by 1:15 Himself was only half-joking about didn't I want to run over to the Yarn Basket, only a couple blocks away since I didn't have anything with me to work on. In the end I decided not to, though there were regrets later. (draft-dodger's note on local venues: Portsmouth Music Hall has constant cold air blowing on the seats in the balcony.) But we had an interesting discussion of perceived need to knit under any given opportunity and how, really, I can give it up anytime, anytime I don't have something on deadline that is.

And now the Knit-Out is just a week away. Eep!

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