Thursday, September 21, 2006

Points of progress and gauge appears got

At this point, the Boston Knit-Out is 2 and a bit days away and it's time to be sure to get enough sleep in the next few nights. Sunday will be a long day, and time will go quickly.

The next week I get to focus on getting older.

In the meantime, the sleeves for Himself's sweater have reached a stopping point. I've done all the increases, and the top, when off the needles and encouraged to spread out on the string, is indeed 19 inches across the top, as the diagram says it ought to be. Gauge appears to be on track. Ever wonder why a number of my projects involve gauges that don't need to be exact? hmmmm.

Time to move on to the back. I'm leaving the sleeves uncast-off, on string, with the balls of yarn uncut so that when the drop-shouldered body is done, the true sleeve length needed can be determined. This is the best photograph of the project so far, though Himself points out the color is waaaay off from the rich, dark navy that the yarn is. I don't care, since any other time I've tried to take a picture the dark blue just won't show detail.

In other knitting, the 8th iteration of the baby surprise jacket commuter project is moving along. At this point we're in the long stretch of decreases down to 90 stitches. I don't understand how this happens, but it seems that the decrease section takes a long time, and then the increases thereafter move more quickly. It doesn't make sense, but the jackets seem to grow much faster after that point.

Lucy and I will have a long wait on the Common on Sunday, watching the nice crewpeople put up the Knit-Out tents before the volunteers and donuts get there at 8:30. Progress will be made-- it's the one time we get to knit on the day!

Wow, that is some darn good knitting on those sleeves!
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