Thursday, October 26, 2006

< 2 months till Christmas

and that's not just sayin.....

I've cast on a number of things in the last few days (including the Pirate Hat, at last), but have had to focus on one project. The project is a surprise gift that I'm really hoping to finish up over the weekend, so.... knit, knit, knit, it's a lot of garter. I'll just say that there's a lot of yarn in a skein of Lucy's sock yarn.

BTW, Lucy, where's that picture of the greeny-blue one from last week you said you were going to take?

Once I get the surprise done, I probably need to focus next on the birthday socks for my brother, since those will be needed for Thanksgiving-ish time. We'll see if it's one pair or two.

It would be nice if I had Himself's sweater done by the time he's back in Mid-December. That sentiment would include the sewing up and stuff like that, not just the knitting of it. Need to allow time for someone else to do the sewing up, since my finishing skills are lacking. Like parallel parking, there are some skills that you know you need to improve, but yet.....

Other than that, I've got no particular time frame for any of these projects though the weather will probably make me want my Pirate Hat sometime soon.

On the other hand, it's creeping into my consciousness that local charity knitting (i.e., the Mind's Eye Yarns Mitten Tree for Somerville Family Network) goes up the day after Thanksgiving, and I really should have somethings done for that so there's not just a bare tree at the start.

Time to get busy.

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