Thursday, October 19, 2006

All That's Left.....

The Shapely Shawlette with one skein of Lucy's Sock Yarn in Grasshopper Sky colorway was finished yesterday, with this small bit left over.

It was delivered to Mind's Eye last night, but having honest-to-God customers in the shop prevented photos from being took. Lucy promises size photos soon, however, given her exciting news, I can see why it didn't happen today.

Another skein (or two) came home with me. The Iris Sky colorway came home with me and I'm going to experiment with baby garments with it, just to see how far it goes. Reports in future weeks.

Right now, Himself's Wonderous Woven Cables sweater is getting full attention. The back looks like it has about 5 or fewer inches to go, in the a rough, hold it up against him kind of way. Then again, those inches could be as long as the MA Pike some times......

Am looking forward to see you on Monday's meeting. Will you be wearing the shawl then?
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