Monday, October 23, 2006

All This Sock Yarn Already Extant

I sat Himself down yesterday (and then told him to move off the couch, I needed the space) to look at all my sock yarn and tell me what I could consider using to make socks for my (when he had hair) strawberry blonde, blue eyed, gets pink in a moment skinned brother. The first picture is colors set aside that I should not use. The "Girly Stripe" colorway of Lorna's Laces in the upper right came in for particular don't-use-this-ness.

Which leaves the rest of the collection. The Baby Suprize Jacket Commuter Project may go on a brief hiatus while I get a few pairs of socks done for the dear boy.

And this is the week that Lucy is having the Sock Fest. Oy. Can I persuade myself that sweater-amounts worth are okay to get? And what is a sweater-amount worth of sock yarn?

First to get through, though, is the wrap meeting for the Boston Knit-Out tonight. Borders at Downtown Crossing at 6:30. Time to put it to bed for this year and set up what we need to think about before next March. Hope we're in the black!

Lucy sold me four skeins for a size-small wrap cardigan. Naturally, I am anxious and think I should've bought a fifth.
ooh- always buy the 5th- you can return skeins you don't use.
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