Sunday, October 15, 2006

Enjoyable things

The 9th iteration of the Baby Surprize Jacket Commuter Project is using up the last of the orange-red yarn! Here we have a bad picture with an object of known size, to show how little is left! I am so, so, so looking forward to getting back to the rest of the palette.

I need to get what I've already accomplished together (some sewing up to do!) and sent off to the Dulaan project. They're looking to get 10,000 garments by next July, and she's hoping to have 2,007 knitters sign up to each make 5 garments by then. If the Harlot can get how many of us were there to sign up for the Knitting Olympics, come on, this is for a good cause.

However, given that I'm on vacation this upcoming week, I've taken a break from the charity knitting and am making a shawlette with Lucy's sock yarn, just to see how far a skein goes and to serve as a shop sample. And this past week was one where I needed a Really, Really Simple project to work on. The colorway is Grasshopper Sky. Lucy will be dying more on Monday, so look back soon for more colors.

Yesterday was Himself's birthday and the 5th anniversay of our first date dance. We went to Oleana for dinner and it was excellent, as usual. Southern Mediterranean (Morroco and Turkey) flavors that are just not your standard American comfort food, but yet you don't have to work hard to figure out it tastes good.

And the weekly sensor report. Had some trouble this week with a couple sensors going dead, one not wanting to do a third 3-day cycle (teach me not to be greedy), the other having had so many sustained high readings it gave out about a half-day before the end of its expected life. Tuesday night there was the experiment with the lower-fat (at least than the tuna salad) roast beef wrap, that still showed that wrap sandwhiches are taking much more insulin than the normal carb-insulin ratio would dictate. It's coming time to decide do I really work at them, or just give them up as a bad job, like trying to combat pizza.

Wow! Great job so far on the baby jacket. I have not decided on joining the Dulaan Project yet because of other charity knitting-alongs, but good luck! And I am curious to see what you make with one hank of Lucy's yarn because I may not use my 2 hanks for Cookie's Sarcelle after all.
I love the way the shawl is coming out ~ please share what you did when it's done - I have some of Lucy's sock yarn that I want to do the same thing with! :)
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