Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How could I not have.....

It has come to my attention that (it seems) I don't have a size 13 circular needle.

Sunday I cast on two projects to celebrate the new moon -- there's now a Red Quattro 220-bellied hedgehog underway, and the front of Himself's ongoing sweater.

Last night I got home from the Boston Knit-Out wrap meeting and started a few more things: socks for my brother, a top-down raglan baby sweater with Lucy's Sock Yarn I got last week to see how far a skein will go (on size 2s), a swatch of Sockotta to start calculating a future sweater for me (also on size 2s) and.....

I don't have a size 13 circular needle to start the Knit Like A Pirate Tricorn hat, with Cascade 220 Black Tweed and Funny blue/red as the brim trim. I could see how I might not have acquired one in the past, given it's only recently that I've started working the larger gauges for felting, but yet, there are size 13 straights and doublepoints extant in the drawer, so why no circulars of either 16 or 24/9 inch length? I've had a knitting disposable income since the late 1980's and I've never got one, even of a now not-favored needle manufacture form but it would work for getting started on the blessed project?

Lucy, I'll be calling on you later today.

Too funny! I actually own a #13 16" circular (and some #13 doublepoints too) but haven't used them quite yet - just had to buy them. And this is from a new knitter who just started in May! I have totally taken your "new moons are for starting" to heart and spent Sunday starting things - including a pair of socks for the hubby, a baby hat for the baby who will most likely arrive when we're in Ireland, a new wrap-type thing (not sure where it's going yet, but I'm having fun!)

Amy O'
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