Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I can answer that!

Thanks for the comments about using Lucy's sock yarn. As of January, 2006 I counted 26 pairs of socks and two singletaries, of which I sent off a bunch to the fellow with Stupid Sock Creatures. Given that I only have two feet to wear them on and eschew socks in summer, I've been vaguely looking at what to do with sock yarn I like (and keep buying) (and Himself has enough pairs for his feet, too).

Over the summer I used Lucy's sock yarn to make the Diamond Fantasy Shawl (available for download through the Knitting Zone). In my notes (!) (okay, Blogger's search feature - diamond fantasy) it looks like I started in on Saturday May 20th, and I'm writing finishing comments on July 12. I did the full 10-repeat shawl with a fist-size postal-scale measured ounce of the second skein left over, and the first skein went to 8 repeats, so I've got a note that the 6-repeat scarf in the pattern could be made with just one skein easily. See Lucy's post from yesterday -- she's dyeing more!

I should be finished with the Grasshopper Sky shawlette this week, if only I can trust my memory on the particular cast-off used in the pattern. I'm in Lexington, the pattern got left behind in Cambridge, what can I say.

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