Saturday, October 21, 2006

New Moon Sunday - what's new?

Tomorrow I'll be starting the front of Himself's Wonderous Woven Cables sweater. The back got finished last night. It's supposed to be 22 inches wide by the schematic. When I first put it down it measured 20 inches across, but a quick smoothing of the fabric got it to 22, without blocking and pinning even, so I'm feeling good that this sweater will come out okay. And the funny thing is, the same way the ride home can seem quicker than the ride out somewhere, I think the front will go more quickly than the back did, at least until I have to determine where to start the neck shaping. There's just less angsting in doing something at least a little familiar by now.

The new moon happens tomorrow, so it's time to start projects. I used the day today to do the real finishing, seams and buttons stuff, on the most recent iterations of the Baby Surprize Jacket commuting project. That means I'll be ready to send them in to the Dulaan project, once I print out and fill in the box inventory form.

Lately I tend to have one big project (at any moment) requiring a lot of attention, and then smaller projects that are less time consuming and flit around in my attention stream. Not sure what I'll really get started on once I'm done with Himself's sweater, but a sweater for me is in the offing. I've been thinking about small gauge sweaters done with sock yarn lately, and, yes, I can do it myself with EPS, but I'm looking for patterns to give inspiration and guidance. Course, I haven't been looking very hard, so what I seek is probably just hidden in a blind spot. It's not like I don't have just about all the Knitters, Interweave Knits and a number of Vogue Knittings stuffed into magazine holders.

I have a 10 skein bag of Sockotta already and will probably start with an EPS saddle/hybrid/one of those types, probably a pullover rather than cardigan. This will give me an idea of how much smaller gauge yarn is required to make something my size.

Other ideas -- Given the size of the sock yarn stash already extant, I'll probably do a bunch of socks for my brother for his birthday later in November and then Christmas. I'm lucky his feet seem to be that same size as Himself's, so I can just use the same numbers and run on automatic. Or he's lying to me about the socks I made him before. Since he's the type that doesn't want to cause anyone trouble, he might do that, if he didn't realize it would hurt my feelings more to know there was something I could fix and wasn't allowed to.

The Knit Like a Pirate Tricorn Hat will be in the offing this winter done in Cascade 220 black tweed, with blue/red/purple Funny as the highlight around the edge. More hedgehogs will be coming, too. There's Lucy's sock yarn to experiment with to see how far it will go to create a layette -- since I got asked that question by an expectant grandmother last time I was minding the shop.

I'll have plenty to do while Himself goes away for the better part of November and early December......

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