Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Progress being made

The 8th iteration of the Baby Surprise Jacket Commuter project is finished (knitting, not finishing) and the 9th iteration looks like it will be the last of the red-orange that doesn't go with the rest of the pretty colors in the collection being finished up. The 8th was started just before the Knit-Out, I think. The Duulan project is looking interesting and I may start sending some of these out there. Of course, that would require finishing, like seams and buttons and sewing in ends, first, wouldn't it?

Himself's sweater back is up to row 88 completed, who knows how many more to go to reach the shoulder. Rinse and repeat for the front. But at least the sleeves are already done!

Lucy has more sock yarn in her Etsy shop. She'll be starting a Sock Yarn Club soon. I don't see anything up about it on the shop website (Lucy?) but it's a skein every other month in a colorway she promises not to repeat in her regular dying for at least a year, and I think she said it's $108 for the year. On the right is a shawlette I just started in the Grasshopper Sky colorway. It's a backup no-think project for when I might need garter stitch without counting/tracking issues.

And Sitchy McYarnpants will be at Porter Square Books this Friday at 7 p.m. with the trunk show of uglies! I'll be ready to enjoy myself by then. Just sayin.

How many baby surprise sweaters? I'm surprised that you can make that many iterations of the same pattern without tearing your hair out from boredom. Is it the magic of Elizabeth Zimmermann? I'm picking up her classic Knitting Without Tears from the library tonight, so maybe all mysteries shalt be made clear. Such as why reading patterns and charts causes more tears than trying to decipher Elizabeth Zimmermann.
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