Saturday, October 28, 2006

Using that extra hour wisely

It's funny, most people think about SAD in the true winter time of January and February. I find this time of year to be a problem -- starting about August/September/October, it's just not light enough in the morning when I get up. The fall back thing will help some, but, fortunately, it's not that long until the Solstice for winter. Note the new ticker up top. It's from a nifty little site that seems to be more about fertility and conception, but if you're counting up to or down from something (days till birthday, days since ate cheesecake), they'll make a ticker for you.

In any case, just now I finished the suprise project. It's blocking, so details and photo tomorrow when there's light. On to my brother's socks. It's been awhile, so I need to grab one of Himself's socks to use as a reference.

Things may go a little wonky with the blog as I'm thinking of updating the template. Blogger has put up some template forms (don't know if they're new or I just didn't notice them the first time) that have better margins. I get frustrated with the current template because the post part is so narrow that text and photos have trouble fitting, but yet it seems like so much wasted space with those wide margins. Something do to instead of going out in the bad weather.

on the east coast it's especially bad, i think, because it's always dark when you get home. in MI, since you're on the other end of the time zone, it's dark when you get up, but usually there's still a sliver of light when you get back. agreed that dark too much is harsh. Lucy got me a sun lamp bulb thing with full spectrum light. i think it helps!
It is 5:09 p.m., and there is only the barest hint of orange left on the horizon. Shoot my electric bill now.
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