Monday, October 30, 2006

You can turn a heel from Park to Porter

So the sock is moving right along nicely, thanks in part to the commuting fairies who freed up the seat at Harvard this morning. I could have done without their additional gift of the long pause after Kendall waiting for something to move through Charles, but, eh.

In any case, on my way home I managed to get my brother's sock through the heel flap. turn and now I have the second edge of instep to pickup. It will be time soon to grab that reference sock and make foot notes..... This gives me hope that things will be accomplished this month. I think I'd gotten myself into a funk between having just big, long-term projects going and then so many iterations of the baby surprise in quick succession. Is a change as good as a rest?

It'll be an early night for me tonight. Something didn't agree with my tummy and nerves last night, so I was up for a good portion of the small hours, augmented by Himself's relaxed throat vibrations. What I would give to have his talent of sleeping through the night and the noise.

huh huh... foot notes... huh huh...
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