Wednesday, November 01, 2006

From somewhere early in the 42 round foot

(Yes, as I was arranging the sock, I noticed one of the circs had stayed behind in my briefcase.) My brother's sock is coming along, thanks again to commuting fairies opening up a seat at Harvard. As of last night the instep was picked up, decreased and the length of the foot started. I'm liking this yarn's colorway and think my brother will, too. It's dark navy with just the occasional lighter blue highlight. He's rather conservative, doesn't want fuss. In Garrison Keiller's world, he'd be a Norwegian Bachelor Farmer. Not sure if he'd be named Senator because his mother thought it sounded distinguished, but you never know.

The pirate hat made progress while watching TV last night (Stephen Colbert's The Word on Shameless was priceless) and should make more progress (be done?) tonight at the Mind's Eye Wednesday knitting group. I'm just decreased down to 70 stitches and am starting the row 3-15 knit straight. There may be felting this weekend, if this gets finished, there's a done hedgehog and I could make progress on the one started last weekend......

Ugh! That is one reason why I prefer knitting with Magic Loop or 2 Circs -- no lost needles. The pirate hat is coming along nicely!
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