Monday, November 27, 2006

How do you expect them to learn without experience

Dez in New Orleans has an excellent post about how children learn and worries over how they are no longer allowed to experience traditional methods.

Safety knitting needles indeed. What ever happened to "this is your tool, treat it well and respect it."?

Whatever happened to plain old telling kids "Don't poke your eye out"?
Excellent post. My daughter is two and she has her own set of Red Heart plastic 7" knitting needles and three balls of yarn. That poor girl will go nuts when she is older.
I am a firm believer in having kids learn on their own. "If they do not now, then when?" I always ask myself.
my mom and dad were only married until i was about 5, but i remember plenty of conversations that went something like:
mom- don't you think she'll hurt herself if she falls off that chair/ jumps off the high diving board/ cuts her own dinner with a butter knife/ goes fishing with real hooks?

dad- well, she'll get hurt climbing on the chair (or other), but only once. she's smart enough not to do it twice.

parents are morons anymore. you should really need a license.
nice new look!
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