Monday, November 20, 2006

How much acreage of an evening?

Last night I (very suddenly) decided I needed to start a scarf for the mitten tree. On the right is how much I got done starting while waiting for my food at Christophers. Well, they were having a busy evening. It's a 32 stitch, k2, p2, not-moping-at-all, scarf. I started with one 100 gram skein of Cascade 220 with another in reserve. See, the thing is, I can never remember how much it is that Lucy suggests for an average scarf, so I figure I ought to make one.

On the left is how much I got done in the rest of the evening -- last half of Men in Black combined with the finale of Prime Suspect. I'm impressed with myself, even if the twenties don't want to lie flat. It still has a ways to go, but I should have lots of time on Thursday to work on it.

Very impressive!
Great looking WIP! Not sure about you, but I knit scarves at least as long as the recipient's height.
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