Thursday, November 23, 2006

I should be thankful at the things I grouse about

I'm up early to catch an 8:45 train out of North Station to get to my folks. As someone once put it, I may love my mother, but I don't like her very much.

Must remember to pack Tylenol, and think about how to raise the issue of whether or not she need hearing aids. When they visited last Saturday I was amazed at how loud her normal speaking voice is getting.

I can be thankful I'm not scrounging in the bottom of my purse to have the fare to get there.

I can be especially thankful my insurer let me know they will cover the cost of the Continuous Glucose Monitor, and they rushed the decision before the deadline for healthcare reimbursement open enrollment. I can be thankful I now have to come up with a realistic budget to set aside in that account, opposed to my prior plan of dump in the max and know I was just going to exhaust it.

I can be thankful that the manufacturer of said CGMS agrees that a low (non-user-replaceable) battery signal at just under 3 months of age is a warranty replacement of the expensive unit, even if they don't know when they'll be coming off backorder.

I can be thankful for the bit of ache that comes from knitting so much. I can be thankful I have a place to sleep, even if I'm still looking for a way to actually get to sleep. And I am not cold.

Not sure what Himself is thankful for at the moment. Yesterday he was cancelling plans to go out and around and instead was holing up in the hotel with a digestive rebellion and Chilean cable broadcasting American movies of 3 - 10 year vintage with subtitles. Maybe he's thankful the folks at Lahey gave him prophylactic antibiotics and instructions for use. I hoping he's not thankful he has the evacuation to the US in case of medical emergency coverage in his insurance. We don't want to have to be thankful for that.

Time to get ready to catch a train and figure out if it's a sign of something or other with the family dynamics I want to bring how many different projects with me. There's brother's socks due later this weekend, Himself's sweater, and several competing mitten tree projects. Must edit that list.

I am thankful for, among other things, the James Bond marathon on Spike TV. And I am especially thankful for the proof that there are places and times that I can watch a James Bond marathon other than my now-evil-ex-boyfriend's parents' house. James Bond is not closed to me.
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