Friday, November 03, 2006

In which I rip a foot at lunchtime

Maybe the commuting fairies did me a subtle favor this morning by having no seats available on the Red Line. I got to change at DTC, sat on a bench, pulled out the sock and got on with decreasing away on the toe. Just for kicks I decided to count the stitches on each needle as I went. I counted 19 on the first needle, which had me a little worried, because it's a 64 stitch sock, right, and therefore the decreases should always be an even number. But I figured I was just sock-headed due to a lack of coffee yet. Then I counted the other side and it was high-20 something. And the train came, and had no seats.

So at lunchtime I assessed the situation and ripped back to the start of the toe. The numbers were still uneven, so I then ripped each needle (in succession) the length of the foot back to the end of the instep decreases.

That took care of lunchtime. Fortunately, at the end of the instep there were 64 stitches, just unevenly divided on two needles. I knew I had 32 stitches on the instep one at the end of the decreases, because I had been counting compulsively. So, while waiting in the Copley station in the afternoon rush hour, with a bit of reassignment the difference was fixed and I was faced with a pile of yarn vomit from all the rows ripped out. Fortunately, it wound up into a ball without getting into a real tangle, and from Park to Alewife I was able to reknit 17 of the foot rows. The bus ride out to Arlington Heights took me up to 34 rows, so now I'm only slightly behind where I started this morning. So much for having a finished sock for Himself to try on this evening.....

17 rows from Park to Alewife?! Wow, you're fast.
I still need to rip my entire 1st sock and re-knit it. :(
it's funny that we measure time in rows. obvious but funny. have you seen the tv commercial (it's for wendy's- the frostie value menu) where the mechanic looks under the steaming car hood and says, "oh man, that's gonna cost you about 200 frosties."
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