Friday, November 03, 2006

Just shy of 2,700 stitches in his foot, eh?

Even though I tend to make sock legs long, it's the foot that seems to take the most time for me. I was doing some back-of-the-head math at lunch yesterday and realized that 32 sts on each needle, times 2 needles per round, times 42 rounds between instep decreases and toe decreases equals 2,688.

This is a number I want to forget as soon as possible. It's like counting the individual calories to avoid or use up in excess of normal to lose each pound on the way to 15 pounds. Demoralizing.

The pirate hat still isn't finished, though I did make progress Wednesday night. There was just more progress needed towards the finish than I had counted on. Hopefully there will be time to work on it tonight.

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