Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No Moping. Nope.

I've set myself a firm rule of No Moping while Himself is away. So. I'm not moping.

Course, I'm going to have to think twice tomorrow morning and not call him on my way to the subway for our usual not-together morning chats.

Had an interesting time voting this evening. In line ahead of me was a women trying to explain to the election officials that her daughter hadn't had time to vote earlier in the day, they lived at the same address, therefore, couldn't the woman in line sign in as her daughter and vote for her? Ah, what part of one person, one vote wasn't she getting? They said no, quietly and firmly and got her out of line fast.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all this single-person time, but there are several ideas percolating. One thing I need to do is get out the teaching materials and run through Reading Your Knitting that I'm doing Saturday, November 18th at Mind's Eye Yarns. (Okay, I seem to be missing my link button on the Blogger tool bar.) www.mindseyeyarns.com

Update, it's 8:45 and they've (NECN) already declared that Deval Patrick has won MA Governor. Wow.

Time to get a project and knit and not mope.

1) I remain seriously surprised that my polling place doesn't check IDs.
2) Let me know if you want to get dinner or something during your Himselfless time!
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