Monday, November 06, 2006

Post with pictures sometime soon.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for Himself to go away to Peru and Chile for 5 weeks. And working on not thinking about how much I'll miss him.

The first sock for brother got finished and it fits Himself's tester foot, so that's good. In the meantime, the second sock is about to have its heel turned.

The pirate hat was finished and felted. The camera's batteries are dying, so I need to figure out where fresh are and get them installed before I can do too much more with pictures. Felting took 2 1/2 hours in the dryer with sopping wet towels. The black yarn is Cascade 220 tweed, and I wouldn't use it again for felting. The little colored bits have disappeared into the either, so save the couple extra bucks a skein and just use their normal solids and quattros.

The next hedgehog was coming along until my size 11 16" had the bamboo needle separate from the ferrule. Just needs gluing, so I'm trying to figure out how long I should give that to dry before working with it again.

On to the next....

Eek-- is that a normal time for plain old non-tweed Cascade 220? I have to use either the laundromat or the plastic-bag method.
plastic bag method? do tell...
I have heard that you can felt something by putting hot water and a bit of soap in a large ziploc and shake-shake-shaking. For a while.
that sounds so amazingly apartment friendly!
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