Sunday, November 26, 2006

What, me worry?

In the relationship between me and Himself, he has placed me in charge of any necessary stressing and fussing, because I'm a natural at it and I do it so thoroughly.

And now, long distance, he has set me a task. I'm not so concerned about the active volcano part, but more worried about how sick he was how few days ago, combined with his lack of experience with the ice climbing. On the other hand, presumably the guides have experience weeding out the over-confident and foolhardy, or they're really good at fetching the incompetent back to base.

Then again, if they've made you pay in advance, do they have an incentive to make sure you come back from the crater? Can you just give them a deposit with the balance due on return?

Today was much more relaxed than the rest of the weekend has been. Some shopping has been started, ideas for presents are being generated. And, as of 10:45 tonight, the front of Himself's sweater is at row 135. And, I discovered, when I did the back I left myself a note that the 23 inch mark I'm headed for happened at row 154 last time. We can but hope the row gauges match between the two pieces. I won't dare comment on how the yarn is holding out, but so far I'm feeling good about having enough.

After all, I have other things to fuss over.

You forgot that you are also in charge of the UNnecessary fussing. It's a dirty job...
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