Saturday, November 25, 2006

You know you're missing him when

This morning I had breakfast at Andy's. Standing up to go, there's a Christmas song on the speakers. Alvin, Simon and Theodore are singing that one of them still waaaants a hoola-hoop. And what crosses my mind? "You could waltz to that." Except there isn't a waltz partner there. Sigh. He owes me one.

On the other hand, I had a bit of comeuppance on the train to the folks tonight. I get the warm rib hat up to 11 inches and then pay attention to the directions for the decreases. And realize my K2 P2 rib should have been K4 P4 rib if my iteration is supposed to look like what her directions say to do. So I spend some time converting the decrease rates to suit the K2 P2 (and wondering if I should be making notes and will anyone care) and finish the hat. And then take the better part of the second skein leftover and start another hat, this time in K4 P4. This time I'm thinking of getting a second skein in black and doing a bee-stripe thing. So it still won't look like what the directions say to do, but hopefully no one will be too thrown by it.

So, anyone think I need to write up what I actually did with the K2 P2 decreases? Would anyone notice that the directions don't make that hat shown?

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