Sunday, December 10, 2006

Astounding Sheep-Themed Gift Alert

Found yesterday at Joie De Vivre on MA Ave. near Porter Square, this visual and auditory stimulating animatronic sheep. (It sings a rendition of Barbara Ann while doing a better bounce-bop than I can get out of my 40-year old knees.) For less than $35. And yes, it does have an off switch.

It will be gifted very, very soon to someone in my immediate knitting circle. And I'll state here and now, I don't mind if it is regifted, so long as it goes to a home that will also appreciate its unique attributes, and presumably will send it along to similar homes when they, too, have been overwhelmed by spirit of giving. It ain't Yarn Aboard, it's something else.

In other news, I finally got around to catching up on the pile of patterns and books that needed to get entered into Needletrax. Ever since I found myself buying 2 (and 3) of some patterns because they looked interesting and I couldn't remember if I already had them, I got this, it exports to Excel and then gets carried with me on my Palm. Comes in handy for the "do I?" questions when out at far-away yarn stores, except if you havn't keep it up to date. For the record, the Excel is now up to over 800 rows and Himself will have a place to sit and put his slippers on when he gets back from South America later this week.

While I was going through things, I came across a project that I had trouble recognizing at first. Good thing it had its pattern with it, so it turned out to be Lucy's top-down baby raglan sweater that I'm trying out in the hand-dyed sock yarn so we can see if the pattern works with it and how much it takes. It had been put in a bag and not touched for weeks. Now that Himself's sweater is in the finishing stages, maybe it will make some progress.

OMG! That sheep would make a great knitter gift, especially to someone with children, which my SP9 does have... :) Thanks for sharing the info with us. Am looking forward to seeing that baby raglan!
Joie De Vivre notes that while they can't take orders on the website, they do have a phone number listed.... $34.95

Enable, enable, enable, I'm evil, enable, enable, enable....
I think that sheep begs to be gifted and regifted and regifted so that many people can enjoy it for a short time.
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