Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cogitating on the increases

The Sockotta sweater is about to start row 24 of the ribbing and it looks deep enough that I'm going to stop that at row 25, switch to the 3s and start the stockinette. This means I need to make up my mind about how I want to get from 236 stitches up to the key number of 260.

That's a 24 stitch difference. I could just increase them all in one round, but that will produce a blousing effect on the order of 4 inches (since gauge is 6.4 stitches to the inch). Do you want your sweater to poof by 4 inches just about your hips? Me neither.

I usually do a portion of the increases in one round, and then do a series of spaced rounds that each have 4 increases (one on either side of the side markers). So, how to divvy up the 24 stitches between the all in a round increases and the later up the sides increases? That's what I'm working on. And if the all in a round increases divide evenly into 236, that's a bonus. Since that's unlikely, in the past what I've done is figure out the next lowest number that is evenly divisible, and then spread the remainder around.

It's hard to compose and type with Himself and his parents talking about other things entirely around my head, let alone do math. Results later, probably with pictures.

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