Sunday, December 03, 2006

A grand day out

With just a bit of retail therapy thrown in for good measure.

First off, the knitting of Himself's Wonderous Woven Cables (from a some time ago Knitter's) done in Green Mountain Spinnery Moutain Mohair in an unphotographable dark blue was finished last night. This is completely the wrong shade of blue, but it's evidence. The bundle has been passed to Lucy to do her marvelous finishing services on.

This morning I met up with Danielle and we headed off to the Farmer's Diner for a road trip breakfast, near where 89 passes 91 and just up the road for Quechee Gorge. Worth the trip for the food. I'd go back again. In the same plaza there was a Danforth pewter shop. I indulged myself in hair jewelry, with matching buttons. Yup. Let other people get earrings and necklaces, I know what I use. No plans for the buttons right now, but six seems a reasonable number to stash.

We then headed back down 89 and stopped at the Elegant Ewe in Concord. I've been bumping into them at fiber events for several years now, but never made it into their shop -- usually because when I'm passing by I'm on my way to or from the Granite State Knit-In, an event they regularly appear at, so they would be busy packing the show. I hadn't realized we'd been there as long as we stayed. And, yes, yarn followed me home, as did patterns. Not sure what I'm going to do with 2 oz skeins of Zephyr, but it should be good for something. And they have lots more if I run out......

Knitting happened along the way. Here we have Before:

and After:

At the end of the day, not bad, not bad at all.

Not a bad way to spend a day. Love the color for mum.
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