Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I suppose I ought to be doing something about...

Lucy finished the hard finishing of Himself's sweater and passed it over tonight. It fits! Like it was made for him or something. Now I need to do something about sewing in the ends and doing the neck. And there's just enough yarn left over to make me comfortable about having enough to do the neck and keeping some for future fixes, but not feel like I bought waaay too much.

I still await confirmation of change from my mother, but, things having been set to be held at my folks house for Christmas day, my former sister-in-law has changed her mind about what days my brother can have my nephew for the weekend, and we may be moved to Saturday. What? Wipe two knitting days off my calendar at this date?

Himself's folks are now talking about coming up during the last week of December, but it's uncertain which end of the last week. Time to get that sweater project for me underway. Let me put it this way -- they (at least Himself Sr.) have a lot to say, but not much real conversation. One good thing, at a small gauge, there'll be lots of knitting on that sweater, very little chance of running out of project.

Time to go figure out what needs doing next.....

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