Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I've done something about a few things

Sunday's gathering was quite nice, and I got a lot done on the current Baby Surprise, but only on the to and from part of the trip, not the during the visit.

Mom's present is done and blocking out at Himself's house, though I forgot to take pictures in the dark of Sunday evening. Himself was immensely helpful with the yardstick and the evening eye, as I was fussy enough to want the thing laid out symmetrically, but too tired to make it happen by myself.

My brother's socks are still in progress, but it's okay, I've got confirmation that we're not getting together until Monday.

Himself's sweater has the neck done, though there's an unfortunate accident of picking up K3, P3 in rib and having the round both begin and end K3. Anyone staring that closely ought to ..... I'm waiting for the weekend to gather the energy to sew in the ends.

Which means...... yup, I'm working on a surprise for someone. Actually, to allay suspicion, I should really work on two surprise projects, so that the recipient thinks that it's a project for someone else.

Next week at this time, Himself's parents will be up and visiting. Those who know me have heard the stories. I'm trying not to focus on it too much, since there's not much to say when they're around. Trust me, I'll have plenty of knitting to work on New Year's weekend.

Other than that, it has crossed my mind this week that, in Heaven, there should be nothing that has the phrase "introducer needle" associated with it, nor spring-powered devices for putting sharps through skin. Year 13 starts in a few weeks and this time of year gets to me as I remember the lead-in to diagnosis.

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