Saturday, December 30, 2006

Motoring up the body of the sweater

I finally settled to do the increases half and half. The math worked out by 228 is divisible by 12, which leaves 8 stitches left over, so the formula was to k2 after the marker, start the k19 increase 1, after 6 times you're at 2 before the half-way marker, k2 after the marker and repeat.

The remaining 12 will be increased in 3 rounds of 4 increases each, one of which has been put in at 10 rounds above the ribbing. Shown here is a picture in the snow, which was the best lighting. Yes, Lexington has had a surprise snow storm, which was supposed to be rain and later in the day. Not enough to ski on, but.... it's a sign of winter-like weather. The black and the jewel tones show up much better in this light than the yellow-ish indoor lighting.

Next decision after this will be how far from the hips to the underarms. Inches to go. Still well within the first skein.

Maybe this is just me, but I find that spacing increases/decreases partially over the two side "seams" but mostly over four imaginary "seam" lines on the front and back works best. (The imaginary seams are where you'd see seams in a tailored garment; one just to the side of each breast and continuing down and corresponding ones in the back.) On the other hand, you might well not be taking and adding in quite as many stitches as I tend to do. ~10" of change spaced over a few inches can make very strange things happen when spaced badly. Just ask my alpaca wrap sweater I knit on size 3s and still haven't finished.
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