Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Other options coming out of the woodwork

He's back in the States, and presumably New England, though with his flight landing at 5 minutes shy of midnight, it seemed reasonable that he wouldn't wake me up in the dark of night just to say hi! and I won't wake him up when I head off to work.

We won't into what it says about me that I don't want to go to a purely social occasion without my knitting, because, after all, I can put it down any time I want to. On the other hand, it may keep my mitts out of the tempting food.

After I posted last, I realized that it's silly to think I really only have three projects available to me. There is the Sockotta swatch on size 3s for a full-size sweater for me that I should get to work on. The problem with working on the swatch is that once I have "enough" swatch (it's about 4-5 inches long now), then I'll need to make decisions. Decisions like what size various bits of me really are, like how deep the armscythe should be. I'm roughly estimating that it's going to come out somewhere between 7 - 8 stitches to the inch, as opposed to your standard 4 - 5 of worsted weight. I'm used to doing EPS in the 4-fraction to 5 inch range, where you can get away with a fair bit of rounding. I'm not sure how forgiving the math will be at the tighter gauges. Sockotta's swatch has not been worked on much, since that postpones needing to face those facts.

There's also the perpetual Baby Surprise Jacket that got put on hold when I started my brother's birthday socks. The problem with that is I've had an idea of using two strands at once, changing one color each day, which will lead to interesting shading (I hope) and double the rate of yarn usage and increase the finished size to maybe a toddler size. All good things, so now I need to finish the single-strand one already underway before I can start that idea.

The Baby Surprise might be a good idea for the Sunday afternoon gathering. It's amorphous enough that no one will be drawing any unwanted conclusions and if anyone does ask, I get to promote charity knitting.

Okay. Where did I put it last?

Great to have Himself back safe and sound. :) I hate it when I misplace projects and needles! Just about as much as I despise having so many WIPs...
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