Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yes, Dear, and it's so cute to watch you do it.

Himself has added his comment to my Wednesday post about the necessity of fussing.

In the meantime, the annual "holiday party" is coming up in two Fridays and I got to thinking about what kind of dressiness I want this year. This is an occasion that we do dress for, though it's daytime so it's not formals. Usually I get some sort of dressy suit, or recycle one from prior years, highly dependent on what fits at the time. I really don't have many times in the cold weather that I need to get dressed up, and in the summertime the contradancing outfits do nicely.

However, as I was commenting to a younger co-worker earlier yesterday, as you get older, you realize that one should always having something suitable for a wake in whatever size you are at the time. Wakes do not give you time to go shopping. Yes I've been caught out once and now realize, no, you don't go "casual" to calling hours.

I wandered over to Lord and Taylor after work yesterday, ostensibly for more underwear, but I took a gander at the party stuff. Suits were still in the plentiful but expensive phase, so I found my way to the dressy separates. Revelation. Cheaper and easier to wear. And, score! Without having changed my weight and with everyday wear fitting pretty much the same as last year, this year the size 6 skirt fit where last year I was demoralized in a size 14 suit that wasn't comfy. Then I found a lined bodice lace top, admittedly cut lower than anything I've worn before, but it fit, doesn't show my sternum to the world and it's a dark burgundy color that seems to suit. Now to check the selection of shawls to see what I have in colors that go with this.

And as promised, here is the green yarn that Lucy special-dyed earlier this week. I had originally asked for just one skein, but I picked up an extra. There should me more showing up on her Etsy site soon. It's a lovely pea-green apply dappled color. This is destined to be made into a Christmas present for my mother. Which means I'd best be getting on with Himself's sweater.

Tomorrow, Danielle and I are going to go find an organic diner in Vermont. Mom's present will be great car-riding knitting.

And since I have no clue what size to make those darn gloves, I'm more than happy to be the driver!
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